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Cluck Night APK 2.1.24

Want to enjoy the perfect roasted chicken dishes? Download Cluck Night APK and join the endless chase between humans and mutated chickens.

As a brand new product of Coconut Island Games, Cluck Night is built as a new 4v1 action game between people and … chickens. It sounds ridiculous, but when you start to experience the story of the game, you will see a completely different world. A world with battles that are somewhat scary but still highlights the cute humor of the characters. It will give you a completely different view of the relationship between humans and their pets.

Overview information


Cluck Night’s story begins when a group of idle aliens have kidnapped four chickens while walking into space. But before returning them to Earth, they made a few changes that made these chickens have extraordinary abilities. Fearing the strange mutations and new extraordinary power that will help chickens to conquer the world, humans decided to confine them to a separate farm.

Cluck Night Gameplay

But chickens are still chickens. Their power and superior intelligence only appear under the sun. Moreover, they did not want to destroy or invade the world. But due to fear of being slaves of chickens, people are always trying to catch them in the dark. Can poor chickens escape from the horror farm?


Cluck Night is an exciting real-time battle. It consists of 5 players, one player and 4 chickens. You can choose between 2 types of characters with different goals. If you choose to be one of the four funny chickens, you must escape before the chase of the farm owner. At the same time destroy the gate named No-Harm-No-Fowl to get freedom. If you choose the character of Leon, the farm’s owner with attractive chicken dishes, you will have to find ways to catch all four chickens before dawn. The reward is a chicken dish for dinner!

Cluck Night Graphics

The farm owner has special skills and he can do anything to catch chickens. This will be a terror to any chicken. However, chickens dominate in numbers and in strange abilities. If they take advantage of it and fight as a team, they can escape. If you are a chicken, you need to find some tactics to distract humans.


Cluck Night has a variety of character systems for you to unlock. The list has more than 10 characters including the owner of the farm, the chicken shop Leon, the lovely Rita, the maid Kelly, … Along with that, you can meet the funny chicken characters such as Nursy, Deggster, Xerox, Eggson, etc. You have many ways to unlock new characters. Gold coins, an easy and free way to trade, but you need play to earn. Besides, watching ads videos also helps you unlock a few special characters.

Cluck Night Characters

In addition to unique characters, Cluck Night brings a lot of costumes to equip your character in many different styles. You can see the character Leon both in the costume of the old man KFC and in a horror killer. As for the chickens, everything is almost to highlight their cute. With the style of robots, traders, astronauts or players, they very funny in the stout but strong body.

Play with friends

As I mentioned above, if you choose a chicken character, you must teamwork with 3 players. If you play as a farmer, you must be alert and assertive. More friends, more fun. Do you want to play with your friends or turn them into roast chicken?


Cluck Night has realistic and fun 3D graphics. The character look is funny, it can make me laugh. A lot of costumes that bring more colors to vivid and fascinating battles.

Cluck Night Screenshot

Download Cluck Night APK for Android

Fun story, cool characters, engaging gameplay and endless chases are what Cluck Night has. Not only that, but there are also many more interesting things waiting for you to discover with this super interesting game!

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