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Finger Driver APK 1.2

Finger Driver is a real-life driving simulation game developed by Ketchapp. In fact, the game looks not very well because Finger Driver is designed in a simple graphics, unlike other top racing games like GRID Autosport or Drift Max Pro. However, this game has a unique, unique gameplay that you cannot found in any other racing games. Currently, the game is available for free on both iOS and Android platforms. Download now and join us to learn new things in this game, guys.

As you know, we have a lot of simple games, no plot or top-notch graphics but get huge numbers of players by addictive gameplay. And Finger Driver is no exception. Your primary task in the game is simply to control the car running on the zigzag lines. Absolutely you will not let the car collide on both sides of the road because it is very dangerous, your car will explode immediately. Keep moving forward. The farther you go, the more points & coins you earn.

Finger Driver by Ketchapp

It seems like this is just a normal driving game, quite popular ever. If you think so, then you are wrong then. In this game, you will be driving a steering wheel in your car. Yes, the thing you need to do is to rotate the steering wheel with your finger, which is the mechanism that helps you control the car in this game. This will be quite difficult initially. In other racing games, you just hit the sides of the screen or tilt the device to control the car, also in this game is to rotate the steering wheel. However, that is the point that makes the appeal of this game. You will experience the same driving simulation in the Finger Driver. At first, I immediately hit the wall, but just a few times I can start to control the car in Finger Driver. How about you?

Finger Driver by Ketchapp 4

Overview information


Finger Driver‘s main mode is driving. Each level will give you challenges. Complete them, and you will be on the next screen. However, if you have completed the task you have not finished, try to go further to set the new record of the game. You can show your record with friends by sharing on the social networks connected to the game. Never give up on playing Finger Driver.

Finger Driver by Ketchapp 4

During the game, you will collect a lot of coin on the way. Besides, completing the levels also gives you a large amount of coin. What to do? You will use the coin for other quality vehicles in Finger Driver. Finger Driver has dozens of models of all colors for you.


Finger Driver by Ketchapp 3

The design of Finger Driver is not prominent, but that is enough to satisfy you. Interface and design everything is designed simple, fun and colorful, interact very well with users. You will experience a variety of colors. Also, the sound is also very good during the gameplay to help you have the most fun moments.

Ketchapp is well known for its simple games, and Finger Driver is no exception. Are you ready to take on the driving challenge right now?

Download Finger Driver APK for Android (Latest version)

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