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Galactic Frontline APK 1.0.109770

The vast universe out there is a lot of mystery that humans can not answer. Is there any planet living other than Earth? Are there exist aliens? Because there are so many mysteries, so this is an endless source of inspiration for producers to create science fiction films or engaging games.

Shortly after launching Crusaders of Light, NetEase released a new product called Galactic Frontline. The main plot revolves around the battles in out space. Not the alien monster, but instead the war between best spaceship.

Overview information

The war never ends

Galactic Frontline story

When playing Galactic Frontline, you will participate in the battle between the three most powerful races Terran, Ensari, and Zoltarians. This war has been going on for thousands of years. The reason for the war is nothing new. They fight to win power, show power and destroy the competition, with the ambition to master the universe.

How to play

Galactic Frontline gameplay

Of course. To start the game you must choose one of three races. Each race has its own strengths and abilities, making it difficult for opponents. I can talk about the Terran. This race has a very modern warship, capable of locking targets and firing extremely accurate firepower. Moreover, they can summon unlimited meteors. The other two races are equally good. You should discover the pros and cons of each race.

Galactic Frontline has tactical gameplay. The gameplay is quite similar to another game that I introduced to you is Space Commander. When the battle begins, the entire spacecraft of the two races will occupy two opposite side of the map. You can summon more combat ships to boost your firepower. There are four tactical escort ships with six combat units. However, you have to be careful because every time you take an action, you lose energy. Your energy is not limitless. They have maximum levels and different reproducibility. Level up also gives you a certain amount of energy.

The main warship is the most important part of the battle. The win belongs to you when the enemy’s main warship is destroyed. You will receive a lot of energy, upgrade equipment or new warships. Conversely, if you lose, your boat suffers a lot of damage and spend a lot of energy to repair.

Warship system

Galactic Frontline has more than 50 different types of warships for you to explore. Each type has a different function, including defending, attacking, destroying meteorites, etc. If you have ever seen the film Guardian of The Galaxy by Marvel Studio, then you are no stranger to this warships. Deploying your tactics in the right place at the right time is the key to winning. In addition, you can upgrade your warships and unlock new warships. Build the most powerful army in the universe.


Galactic Frontline mode

The game lets you connect with friends through your Facebook social networking account. You can make friends with anyone you want. Being with your friends conquering the universe will surely be fun.

The story mode will take you to the vast universe, explore the long-standing feud between the three races including Terran, Ensari and Zoltarians. Many interesting stories are waiting for you to discover.

The main mode of Galactic Frontline is PvP. This is where you show great commanding talent. Build the most powerful army, defeat all the other players and become the master of the universe. Moreover, every week the game will host the global tournament, finding the best player. Do you want to be the winner?

3D graphics

Galactic Frontline gameplay 2

The recent NetEase games have never disappointed gamers. The whole universe detailed simulation. You enjoy the fierce battle between the universe. In general, Galactic Frontline is perfect for both graphics and sound. You difficult to find fault.

Why should you play Galactic Frontline?

The information above also helps you understand more about this game. According to me, Galactic Frontline is a great game. Hope that with your support, the game will be successful in the future. Are you ready to become a hero in space?

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