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Gears POP! MOD APK 1.95 (Unlimited Power)

Gears POP! (MOD Unlimited Power) – The best strategy game. It is easy to see that the current gaming world is an era of strategy games and requires high-thinking players. Although in every game, the player’s skills are still essential but are not too important compared to before. And if you are looking for a game that helps you train tactical, I recommend you this game.

Overview information

Name Gears POP!
Publisher Microsoft Corporation
Version 1.95 (Latest)
Size 72M
MOD Features Unlimited Power
Requires Android 4.4

The origin of Gears POP!

Gears POP! Gamers called the sequel to the Gears of War series which was originally from Epic Games but was acquired by Microsoft. Since then the Gears Of War versions have been raised to the next level with Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition or Gears Of War 4. While those series of games have yet to cool down, Gears POP! continue to be launched with the promise of more successes. First released to the public at the E3 2018 electronic entertainment event, the game quickly caught the attention by the perfect combination of Gears of War and the vivid image of Funko Pop. As the name implies, the characters are designed in a Funko Pop style with an oversized cute head.


As mentioned above, Gears POP! is a very attractive strategy game. You probably already know Clash Royale. This game is similar in style to a multiplayer arena in real-time. Your task in the game is to collect, upgrade and use those characters to fight in intense battles.

More than 30 characters are symbols of Gears Of War. For example, Marcus Fenix, Augustus Cole, Dominic Santiago, … Hidden deep in these characters with cute appearance are the various sources of strength waiting to be discovered. They will become stronger when upgraded and used properly with their combat capabilities. All of these characters, including villains or heroes, are powerful representatives and symbols of the Gears universe.

Real-time PVP battles

Participate in a strategy game, make sure you have to build yourself a strategy and logical and effective thinking in order to win. Gears POP! There are no exceptions. First, you must understand the principles of the game and how to win battles. A battle in the game is a head-on confrontation between the two players. First, you need to build a squad of 8 units that are the heroes you have collected and selected to compete. A match ends when a enemies’ turret is broken.

With a large number of characters along with many different power factors, you can create a lot of gameplay and different squads by combining characters. In addition to the power of the characters, in each match, you will receive a skill called Ultimate Skill that allows you to launch a powerful battle wave to attack enemies.

You can also test the effectiveness of the teams you have created by participating in Bootcamp mode.

Become a champion

To become strong, in any case, you need hard training. And of course with Gears POP!, once you understand every aspect of the game, you are the champion. Battles are now at your fingertips and in any situation, you can do everything. Attractive rewards along with badges will be used to honour the winners with the best tactics.

Besides PvP battles, the publisher has developed arenas and major tournaments. This is the gathering place of many genius tacticians in the world and is no small challenge for those who want to conquer the rank 1. That person could be you, or me, or anyone. So why not join the battle to conquer the top battles?


Even in the name, we may already know the character developed based on cute and funny Funko Pop characters. However, the matches are also a bright spot for the graphics quality of the game with dramatic and intense battles. 3D graphics and skill effects make matches more realistic and engaging than ever.


With the above features, this game has followed the success of the Gears Of War series. At the same time, it also confirmed the talent in making games of the publisher even in one topic about the Gears universe. I believe that with Gears POP!, you will have more new experiences than previous versions and more fun.

Download Gears POP! MOD APK for Android (Latest version)

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