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Honkai Impact 3rd MOD APK 4.1.0 (No Skill CD/Skill Cost)

Many readers ask me that have long ago I do not introduce a role-playing action game (ARPG)? ARPG that is a trending game genre in Japan. And in fact, this is a sub-genre in the RPG genre, so I usually recommend these games and usually put on RPGs genre. I also love to play this genre, and I found a pretty attractive game called Honkai Impact 3 developed by miHoYo.

I decided to choose Honkai Impact 3 to introduce to you because, in the anime game genre, I can not find games that have more beautiful graphics than Honkai. The game is also very interesting and has a story full of humanity. This game is currently available for both iOS and Android mobile platforms.

If you are a fan of Japanese comics, you may be familiar with the popular Japanese manga series: Guns Girl. The story in the game tell about of the trilogy, including Kiana, Raiden Mei, and Bronya fight together against “Honkai” – a mysterious force is invading the human civilization. Under the leadership of the commanding officer, the three fight together to fight Honkai, saving the world. The game will open with the scene of Honkai landing on the planet. Kiana is now flying from the sky with the strong will to destroy Honkai, bring the peace for humanity and the world Honkai Impact 3 began to open.

Overview information

Name Honkai Impact 3rd
Package com.miHoYo.bh3global
Publisher miHoYo
Version 4.1.0 (Latest)
Size 133M
MOD Features No Skill CD/Skill Cost
Requires Android 4.3

The gameplay of Honkai Impact 3

Honkai Impact 3 apk

In the game Honkai Impact 3, you will be transformed as the commanding officer of Hyperion, recruiting and fighting alongside the Valkyrie warriors (with different characteristics and abilities). At present, you can choose from 3 different characters, three attributes and three completely different fighting styles. This number may increase in the game’s updates, giving you a more enjoyable combat experience.

From what I’ve experienced, the game has a unique combat design, and I feel like console-like controls, especially in non-target combat. High intensity combined with the blow and gas. Besides fighting well, the skill of the character is also quite meticulous. The game will give the effect and beautifully create excitement for any player.

Game characters can be moved to any location, along with the ability to customize the angle thanks to the view in the game has the ability to turn three-dimensional, bring a glimpse experience for you.

Honkai Impact 3 apk 2

Character development

Honkai Impact 3 apk 4

Game has a very rich character system. You can unlock more new characters after level up. Each character has a different set of skills and has a system of equipment that helps increase character stats. You will have to perform missions and collect materials to gain experience points for the purpose of developing your character, as well as participating in PVE battles and joining the guild to participate in many activities in the game.

Occasionally, you can interact with characters in Hyperion’s flagship, chatting or poking fun to increase the score.

Graphics & Sound

Honkai Impact 3 apk 3

It can be said that Honkai Impact 3 is the best graphics game in the best graphics game. The game possesses unique and innovative animated 3D graphics with sophisticated graphics. Game size up to 2GB, quite large for a mobile game and this capacity is equivalent to the 3D super games.

Besides, the game is voiced by popular artists. Such as Miyuki Sawashiro (Raiden Mei), Kana Asumi (Bronya), Horie Yui (Ai-Chan), Kugimiya Rie (Kiana) …. The background music in the game is quite attractive, when calm, when exciting depending on the players’s current activities.


Honkai Impact 3 is a promising mobile game and I am really happy to play it. The game supports many languages, attractive and beautiful. For someone who loves ARPG games like me, Honkai Impact 3 really deserves to be on your phone. Hope that Honkai Impact 3 will be successful. You can download the game via the links below, including versions for iOS and Android (with mod version):

Download Honkai Impact 3rd MOD APK for Android (Latest version)

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