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Ninja Return MOD APK 2.0.1 (Unlimited Skills)

You love Naruto? Then you can not ignore Ninja Return: Ultimate Skill MOD APK, the fighting game of the publisher Dragon Nar.

Overview information

Introduce about Ninja Return: Ultimate Skill

Undeniably, the anime is spreading extremely strong. Comics and cartoons of Japan are popular in many countries thanks to their deep and unique content. Comics such as Doraemon, Conan, Dragon Balls, Itto or Naruto have been associated with the childhood of many generations. Today, they become the entertainment options of many people, which entertain us after a day of fatigue and stress.

About Ninja Return: Ultimate Skill, today’s game I would like to introduce to you the content of the Naruto manga. This manga was first released in 1999 and ended in 2014. After gaining widespread popularity around the world, this manga has expanded into many other fields such as anime, videogames, .. This manga is about a teenage Ninja named Naruto on his way to becoming a Hokage.


When it comes to ninja games, you probably think of adventure or role-playing games. But instead, Ninja Return: Ultimate Skill chooses fighting gameplay, when you can choose any character from this manga and fight with other characters in a 1v1 match. The fiery matches of the game require you to have skills and combat experience. Why do I say that you must have combat experience? Because each character has completely different skills and attacks. If you’re a Naruto fan, you might know some of the character’s skills, but that doesn’t help much either. You need to play many matches to get acquainted and remember the skills of each character if you want to defeat him.

Ninja Return Ultimate Skill gameplay

If you want to learn how to use a character or learn the skills of each character, you can go to the Training, select the character and the arena you want. Here, you can freely unleash the skills of the character without worrying about being defeated.

How to control

Speaking of the game’s control system, Ninja Return: Ultimate Skill has a control system like a gamepad. On your left is an arrow key that helps you control the character’s direction. On the right of the screen, there are a number of keys such as jump, teleport, attack, ninja-dart. Above, a special skill button will appear when you have enough Chakra to cast. Besides, you can summon a character (of your choice) to appear and fight with you in seconds. Overall, the game’s control system is relatively smooth, you will be easy to master the operation. Ninja Return: Ultimate Skill provides you with a system that guides you through all the combos, you should check it out before starting a battle.

Ninja Return Ultimate Skill

In addition, on the main screen, you can not select by the normal touch. You must use the arrow keys to move each item one by one and select the checkmark to select the item you want. This feature helps you feel like playing the classic game on the console.

Customize difficulty level

Ninja Return: Ultimate Skill allows you to customize the difficulty of the AI by going to the Option. Here, you can adjust some information such as the difficulty, the maximum time of a match, … Thus, you can customize the difficulty of AI the way you want.

2D pixel graphics

The uniqueness and novelty of the game are also shown in the graphics when Ninja Return: Ultimate Skill selects 2D pixel graphics like classic games instead of high-resolution 3D graphics. Skill effects are very impressive. You will feel extremely excited before the spectacular action scenes.

Ninja Return Ultimate Skill graphics


Currently, Ninja Return: Ultimate Skill has more than 40 characters from popular anime. The main characters of the Naruto series, you will have the opportunity to meet the favorite characters in this manga such as Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara, Itachi, … In addition, the game will soon add characters from other manga like One Piece, Dragon Balls. Have you ever imagined a battle between Kakalot and Naruto?

Which mode can you choose?

Ninja Return: Ultimate Skill has two main modes: Team Play and Single Play. Each mode has two modes Arcade and CPU. In it, Arcade is an endless battle mode. You will confront the other characters continuously until you are defeated.

  • Team Play: You choose three characters and confront the three characters of the game. However, the matches still take place in the 1v1 format. You, in turn, defeat the three characters. If one character is defeated, you will use the second character. You will win by defeating all three characters of the opponent.
  • Single Play: Normal 1v1 matches. Better skills win.
  • Training: As mentioned above, this is a mode to help you practice and learn the skills of the character. The game gives you a “mannequin” character, you can freely use skills on him.

Currently, you can only fight the AI. This is a mistake. When playing a fighting game, players often have a desire to fight other players, especially their friends. Hopefully, the game will soon add online mode or allow players to connect to each other via wifi or Bluetooth.

MOD feature

Unlimited Skills: After filling up the Chakra bar, you can use infinite skills. Chakra Bar is not reduced when you use the skill.


Besides Mortal Kombat, Ninja Return: Ultimate Skill is a fighting game not to be missed if you are a fan of Naruto. In this game, you will be involved in fierce battles between the Ninja and become the strongest ninja.

Download Ninja Return MOD APK for Android (Latest version)

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