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Romance of the Three Kingdoms APK is a great strategy game on mobile. Nexon released the first version of the game in 1985. It can be said that Romance of the Three Kingdoms is the leading game of the world’s strategy game, opening the era of countless other titles. This game has been very popular on PC / Console. And after many years of waiting, players can finally enjoy the game on the Android operating system. Why do people say this is one of the best tactical games in the world? Please go down to the review to have the answer.

Overview information

Ancient plot

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms is set in the context of the war in ancient China. Maybe you can guess it. Taking content from the novel Three Kingdoms, the whole game revolves around the famous historical war between the three countries Thuc, Ngo, Wei. In the game, you have the power to change history as you want completely. You want to be Tao Thao or Zhuge Liang?


romance of the three kingdoms

The way of Romance of the Three Kingdoms is very tactical. Compared to other games on the market, it can be said that this game does not have too many outstanding points. The game focuses on non-economic battles like other games. The tactical games are now usually aimed at power. That is, the winners will be more inclined to the side with more economic and strength. Conversely, Romance of the Three Kingdoms is the player’s balance. Here, new tactics and creative thinking are the most important factors, direct to your win.

You need to have some knowledge of ancient warfare in order to counteract the enemy tactics. Basically, the tactics include the Infantry Regiment, the Paratrooper Regiment, the Paratrooper Regiment. Arranging the army is rational, covering and protecting each other well to sweep away all enemies in the way. Besides, weather factors are also very important. For example, the fire will be stronger when the wind blows; it will help your fire battle increase the damage. Such diverse games make it easy for players to create their tactics, unlike anyone else. You must deal with each situation in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, do not surrender when the battle is not over.

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No victory is absolute, nor is there any defeat that is forever. No matter what you lose. Take it for the experience to learn from the experience that will make you stronger. Become a prominent strategist in the Three Kingdoms through the fierce battle.

Character system

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In this game, you are allowed to recruit many different generals. Each general wears a branded weapon of that general. Truong Phi with a beetle, Trieu Tu Long uses a spear or Dragon Green executioner of Quan Van Truong. Generals will lead your army in the battle of life and death. You can upgrade the strength of your generals through the upgrade system, stars upgrade of the game. In addition, you can also hire outstanding military strategists to strengthen the military.

Game modes

Romance of the Three Kingdoms has four main modes for players to compete.

  • Debates – As a military commander, take charge of your troops, boosting the spirit of the whole army, helping your power to multiply.
  • Duels – This is a duel between your two generals and your opponent. The winner will create a huge advantage before the battle.
  • Naval Battles – Naval Battles have been upgraded a lot compared to the previous version. This is the main mode of the game that most players love.
  • Open Field Battles – This is an open battlefield where you can observe your entire territory. Always ready to fight when you see enemies want to attack you.
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Also, Romance of the Three Kingdoms has many special missions for you to complete each day, which has the opportunity to open the strongest General of the Three Kingdoms.

Classic design

The graphics of the game in the classic form, not too picky. You will have the opportunity to find your childhood through the familiar image of the game. In particular, the view of Romance of the Three Kingdoms will give you a comprehensive view of the whole kingdom. Admire the majestic landscape of this beautiful strategy game.

Sum Up

For the fans of the strategy game of the year, Romance of the Three Kingdoms is still a name that can not be ignored. You will be immersed in the battle full of intrigue, attempting to be the king of three Kingdoms. Now, you can download the game for both iOS and Android; the game is free.

Download Romance of the Three Kingdoms APK for Android (Latest version)

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