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Street Shadow Fighting Champion APK 5.1

I bet $ 5 you will think of Shadow Fight 2 when looking at the pictures of this game. If you are a passionate gamer who love fighting games or ninja games, Street Shadow Fighting Champion is a game you should not miss now.

Overview information

Become a ninja

Street Shadow Fighting Champion apk

In this game, you will transform into a ninja with skillful combat skills, a killer master and courage to join in the battle for survival. It will not be easy when you have to control a real warrior. To start the fight, you can choose yourself a ninja, and then can upgrade and unlock other ninjas when you have money in this game.

Each ninja in the game uses a different weapon. Depending on your preference, you can choose a character type to start fighting. Remember to upgrade your weapon to deal more damage.

Join in the fierce battle

In Street Shadow Fighting Champion, all your enemies have skillful skills. They are ready to destroy you and anyone who dares to stand in the way. Do not let yourself be disappointed, stand up and fight in so many different styles that they cannot prevent.

Street Shadow Fighting Champion 2

This game has a total of 10 seasons, 50 different stages, giving you the most exciting combat experience. In particular, you can bring up to three characters in a match, and you can change the character throughout the game to improve the effectiveness of the attacks.

Overcome each obstacle in the game; you will collect gold and coins. These two types of money have different functions that you will have to learn more after downloading games on the machine.

Easy character control

Street Shadow Fighting Champion 3

Control manipulation is relatively simple; you just need to combine virtual keys on the screen to attack, defend and accumulate energy. By combining different skill combos, you will have the opportunity to defeat the strongest opponents.

There are two virtual keys on each side of the screen. On the left are the keys to move, while the right is the function keys such as attack, dodging attacks, punches, rocks … When combining the keys together, you will create the beautiful combos.

Simple graphics of the beautiful

On the other hand, I like the Street Shadow Fighting Champion because it is designed with the familiar shadow style. The images in the game are drawn up in full color, smooth movements, and super-beautiful visual effects.

Basically, I like the fun fighting mechanism of this game. Besides, the graphics of the game is worth praising although it is somewhat similar to the Shadow Fight 2. Many commented that this is just a game of clone, but not so that this game lost the beast its taste. Currently, the game only supports for Android. And you can download the original version or APK MOD Money version if needed.

Download Street Shadow Fighting Champion APK for Android (Latest version)

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