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Seems like Subway Surfers is a big shadow for Kiloo, as the publisher has not been able to develop a new game ever since the official launch of Subway Surfers. I think Kiloo has been trying very hard to get rid of his shadow recently, this company has released his new game called SuperCar City.

Definitely, to create a new game, the biggest obstacle for Kiloo is not programming, graphics or operations. Because they know that determining the survival of a game is the idea of the game itself. Regarding this, the publisher has been very clever when it comes to choosing the exciting new game Subway Surfers in a completely new style.

Although at the present time, the game is only available with a single player mode, with the potential that SuperCar City has, it is likely that more new and exciting features will appear in the update.

Overview information

Name SuperCar City
Package com.kiloo.supercarcity
Publisher Kiloo
Version (Latest)
Size 93M
MOD Features No
Requires Android 4.1, iOS

Endless gameplay through the familiar obstacle

SuperCar City apk

The first thing I noticed is that the gameplay of SuperCar City is based on the familiar gameplay from Subway Surfers, which is also the strength of the publisher. But instead of transforming into a naughty boy, you will be driving your own modern means of transportation, moving on the chaotic roads.

These sections contain a variety of obstacles, which annoys every driver. In order to be able to move, you have to skillfully navigate your vehicle through them by swiping, touching … so that the character in the game avoids obstacles. Barriers can be large trucks, barges, barriers …


SuperCar City APK 2

Not only that, SuperCar City is also an online game where you can compete directly with other players. In addition to avoiding obstacles, you must try to accelerate, outrun all opponents on the track. Your opponents are random players selected from around the world.

In this race, the key to winning is to avoid obstacles wisely; Use the boost items on the road and skillfully in each move.

In addition, each level of the game has certain requirements and you will have to do them if you want to receive full bonuses. The end reward is built into the Gold Wheel, and you will have the chance to receive random rewards.

SuperCar City APK 3

Car system diversity

In order to increase the appeal of the game, the car system of this game has been actively developed by Kiloo, bringing a variety of genres. There are many different models for you to freely choose and upgrade the parts of the car. There are many accessories that help increase the speed, increase the beauty of the car and more.

SuperCar City cars

Design familiar

In terms of design, this game has the look and feel of familiarity with Subway Surfers. Also understandable by the bright 3D animated graphics is what Kiloo is aiming for. Besides the beautiful graphics, the background is vibrant and attractive. I believe you will love the design of the game.

SuperCar City APK 3

This game also provides the ability to customize the outfit and appearance of the character; This helps each player is unique and the game is also so unique.

Is SuperCar City worth playing?

Maybe yes, maybe not. It depends on each person’s preferences. But myself is a pretty good gamer and I will definitely try SuperCar City. If you have a hobby like me, download SuperCar City APK MOD now and enjoy the game on both iOS and Android platforms. The download URLs are in below.

Download SuperCar City APK for Android (Latest version)

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