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Traffic Tour MOD APK 1.5.5 (Unlocked All Cars)

Do you love driving? You love the excitement of travelling with luxury cars? Try it in this awesome game by the publisher Wolves Interactive. Traffic Tour (MOD Unlocked All Cars) is an endless arcade racing game, which challenges and trains the super drivers. First released on Android and iOS versions on November 7, 2016, the game quickly captured the attention of players around the world. In this game, you can drive at the speed of light without worrying about any risk of accidents or traffic violations.

Overview information


Traffic Tour‘s gameplay is similar to popular mobile racing games like Asphalt 8. But, there is no opponent or other riders competing with you. Your enemy is yourself. When playing this game, you experience endless roads, driving on the supercars you dream of. Improve your driving skills after every journey and train to become the best driver.

Traffic Tour gameplay

Basically, Traffic Tour is not a typical endless running arcade racing game. In Career mode, the game has a task system for players, arranged in order from easy to difficult. You need to complete the mission of the game, thereby go to the more difficult missions. The game is like a driving school, where you practice your ability to drive on highways with many fast-moving vehicles.

When colliding with other vehicles, you are still fine, no one was injured. The only thing, your car stuck in that position for a period of time. And of course, you cannot complete the task if you constantly suffer from that situation, especially when on time-challenging missions. On your journey, don’t forget to collect power-ups. They can be energy to activate nitro or money.


On your screen are some basic control keys of a racing game, including accelerator pedal, brake pedal, left and right arrow keys. Besides, double-tapping on the accelerator to activate nitro helps the car run faster. In my opinion, nitro should only be used on large roads, not too many vehicles. Driving too quickly can make it difficult to control and causing you an accident.

Traffic Tour controller

Traffic Tour provides you with three driving modes, including tilting the device, buttons and steering wheel. For players using smartphones, tilting the device is a common driving mode. Your phone is like a steering wheel, turning and tilting your phone to adjust the direction of the car. Or if you prefer the more challenging, choose the virtual steering wheel mode.

By touching the camera icon on the left of your screen, the game allows you to adjust the driver’s view. You can see from the rear of the car or in the cockpit.


Traffic Tour programmed traffic systems and vehicles similar to real life, in order to bring the most realistic experience to players. The game is carefully looked after in terms of images. Realistic and lively weather effects with many different landscapes such as desert, snow, … Sound and background music are also an important factor to help players feel relaxed in each journey.

Traffic Tour graphics


Currently, Traffic Tour has modes including Career, Racing Now, Endless, Free Ride, Time Trial and any event mode. In particular, Racing Now mode is an online mode, allowing you to play with friends or other online players. You can invite your friends via social networking Facebook, to participate in an interesting race. The seasonal rating system aims to evaluate the best drivers. After each season, all drivers receive gifts corresponding to their position in the rankings.

Unlock and upgrade

Of course, with a racing game, the luxury cars are always the top player interested. Traffic Tour has more than 40 models of supercars modelled from famous brands in real life such as Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren, … Starting with the Grandlo GR45, then you can make money after each mission to buy a new car. Some models require you to use cash to unlock. Besides, you can choose any color for the car, with 1500 coins each change.

Traffic Tour cars

To complete challenges in Career mode, in addition to improving your driving skills, upgrading your car is the easiest way for you to overcome difficult missions. The game offers you three types of upgrades, including handling, braking and acceleration. You can also buy better wheels.

Our Traffic Tour (MOD Unlimited Money) version gives you a large amount of money to help you buy your favourite cars. With fully upgraded supercars, you can easily overcome the challenges of this game.


Everything would be perfect if Traffic Tour does not have too many ads. The ads appear every time I do something, such as upgrading cars, changing colors, buying new cars, completing a mission. This can greatly affect the player’s experience. Hopefully, the publisher Wolves Interactive will improve this in the upcoming updated versions.


Although not really perfect, Traffic Tour is still a racing game worth playing with many interesting features. The game has impressive graphics, compelling gameplay, fast-paced, supercars, intensive mission systems and more. For those who love adventure and speed, this is a game you cannot miss.

Download Traffic Tour MOD APK for Android (Latest version)

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