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Witch Weapon APK 1.6.0

Witch Weapon APK is an RPG developed by Waterbell and brought to market in mid-2019 after two years of development. This is a game with a very strong point in the graphics section with eye-catching anime animations and smooth effects. At a time when mobile RPGs are becoming more and more popular and saturated, Witch Weapon becomes prominent by its unique features. Let’s find out with APKMODY about this fantasy RPG!

Overview information

Unique plot

To be able to compete in a market with too many competitors, in addition to good gameplay, eye-catching images, the plot must also be interesting, inspiring players. And this, Witch Weapon does very well. Basically, the game revolves around a mysterious artifact is a golden cup with its own special abilities. The holy grail is protected in six major research institutes for research purposes. Until one day, the research facility was attacked. When the culprit removed the gems from the cup, a huge explosion occurred.

Witch Weapon introduction

Our protagonist (male) survives the attack, but when he wakes up he finds himself turned into… girl and receive special abilities. So what happened to our protagonist? What challenge awaits his conquest? Play and discover now!


Witch Weapon has relatively interesting gameplay based on its storyline. Players will play as the main character, participating in battles during the process of finding solutions to their transformation. However, she (or him) is not alone on this journey, because there are always 4 female magicians from other dimensions coming to support.

Want to call angels, click on their image in the right corner of the screen. In this way, players will use the weapons of angels. In addition, each character possesses a special skill, allowing players to use it in battle. Each technique has a different effect but is generally full of features that an RPG game has (attack, healing, defence, …). The game doesn’t ask you too much interaction with the character. You move with the virtual button on the left and using special skills with one button.

The beautiful girls

There is an extremely interesting fact in Witch Weapon that all the characters participating in the fight with you are beautiful girls. These people are all militant warriors from different dimensions, each carrying their own power, no one like anyone else. However, their power was also divided through level and rarity. Consider using characters with a high rarity to maximize the strength of your squad.

Witch Weapon gameonline

Not only that, but accompanied by a large number of characters is also a huge arsenal of the publisher that provides for Witch Weapon. Indeed, the weapons in the game are many and extremely diverse. Players can encounter all genres from light weapons, sharp with the assassin ability such as knives, swords, darts … to the weapons for men as hammers, knives, big swords … It will all be in this game!


Like other RPG games, Witch Weapon also has unique features. Fighting to upgrade the squad and explore the plot, the cause of the gender change of the protagonist. Boss Raid mode always contains many interesting things with a huge amount of equipment waiting for you to explore. Besides, join a guild to interact with teammates, participate in many great battles.


This is probably the most telling part of Witch Weapon. Compared to somewhat old-style gameplay and operation, this game has a relatively nice graphics platform. The game is designed according to 2.5D graphics with sharp, vivid anime style. The characters are meticulously invested in the image, adding a variety of colors that make players feel like they are immersed in a colorful anime world. Spatial effects and skills are also extremely polished, especially about skills.

Witch Weapon screenshot


As a new game, Witch Weapon has somewhat expressed its appeal in the online gaming market. There are not too many highlights in this game. However, in my opinion, I still find this is a relatively good game for those who love the RPG genre. Especially for anime lovers, this is a game you cannot miss!

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