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Zombie Anarchy MOD APK 1.3.1c (Unlimited Diamonds)

Zombie themes have never shown signs of cooling off in the mobile game market. We have experienced many games with this theme in many different genres, from shooting, racing, survival to puzzle. Zombie Anarchy (MOD Unlimited Diamonds) is the latest strategy game of Gameloft. The game takes place in the apocalypse when humans are facing the biggest disaster in history – the zombie disaster.

Referring to Gameloft, maybe you are too familiar with this publisher. They are the publisher of many famous games, including some of the games I have introduced to you like Asphalt 9 or Gangstar Vegas. Gameloft’s games have very high image quality, good content, and very attractive gameplay. This is the first time, they produced a strategy game with a zombie setting. Let find out some information about this game.

Overview information


When playing Zombie Anarchy, you will experience the apocalypse through the perspective of the character Kane. He is a firefighter or a policeman, I don’t know very well. Kane’s role is quite similar to Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead. Only thing, Kane is not grumpy like Rick.

Zombie Anarchy

The world is ravaged by zombies. They have taken over all major cities and the countryside. Kane’s house becomes an ideal place to fight off zombie attacks. It is surrounded by large walls. He gathered the survivors in the town, building and protecting the base together. Can this wall stop zombies as they stronger every day? When the base runs out of food and ammunition, what will happens? Find out the answer in this game.


Zombie Anarchy has similar gameplay to popular strategy games on mobile like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale. It is directly inspired by The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land. In this game, you need to build your base, forming a fort to help protect you and everyone from the attacks of zombies. First, you have some basic buildings. After upgrading it, you can unlock some more buildings such as communication stations, recycling plants, defensive towers, warehouses …

Zombie Anarchy gameplay

Not only against zombies, but you also need to watch out for other survivors. In the apocalypse, humans can do anything to survive. They are willing to kill for a cake or a bottle of soda.

Zombie Anarchy‘s gameplay is a combination of many factors, including strategy, shooting, role-playing, management, tower defence and co-op. Besides defending against zombie attacks, you can go out and attack the zombie camp, where hundreds of fierce zombies gather. Rescue those who are still alive, they can help you in this battle.

Guard your camp

Of course. A camp is a thing that separates you from the bloodthirsty zombies out there. It does not protect you completely, but it does minimize the chances that you face dangers in an apocalypse. You need to build and upgrade your camp, making it stronger and stronger. A large camp allows many people to live in it.

Search for resources

Zombie Anarchy provides players with many different resources such as radios, maps, food, gears, … You need to collect it to upgrade and build your buildings. The good news is, resources are plentiful, you don’t need to worry about missing resources. And the bad news, resources are outside the city, which has been occupied by hundreds of zombies in each area. Send some good fighting characters like Kane and Nathalie out and look for hope for everyone in the camp.

Zombie Anarchy characters

Weapons are an indispensable thing when you fight zombies. Zombies have superior power and speed compared to humans. Moreover, they are fearless, emotionless, and never give up. The game provides you with a variety of weapons such as guns, grenades, axes, … Some characters like Kane and Nathalie have some special skills that can be used in the fight.

PvP mode

Zombie Anarchy has a mode that allows players to participate in zombie battles with online players around the globe. The ranking is to honor the best zombie hunters in the world. Join the fight and receive valuable rewards.

Zombie Anarchy pvp mode

Besides, each month the game brings players interesting events. Some events such as Infestation Seasons and Daily Bounty bring you many attractive rewards and equipment. Do not miss!


Graphics are one of the outstanding elements of the games developed by Gameloft. Stunning 3D graphics, sharp, smooth images are what Zombie Anarchy owns. This game has bloody and violence effects. You can see the blood splashing when shooting zombies. Despite the apocalyptic context, but the game has bright tones with many colors. It gives hope to the people who are fighting the biggest pandemic in the world.


If you love zombie games, Zombie Anarchy is a game you can’t miss. There are many things you can do in this game, you are free to explore, destroy bases or attack zombie camps, not necessarily follow what the game requires. Besides, PvP mode is also very interesting for you to play with friends on weekends.

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