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Zoo Zoo Arena APK

A zoo is always a great place, where has a lot of fun and the dream of every child. Today we will visit Zoo Zoo Arena, where you will discover the zoo completely new and interesting. This is a new game released by a new Singapore publisher, Finger Punch. With the familiar Match-3 puzzle style, a fixed table with lots of funny animals will definitely give you a great experience.

Overview information

Familiar puzzle game

Zoo Zoo Arena apk

In terms of gameplay, Zoo Zoo Arena is quite similar to Candy Crush Saga. With simple gestures, you will have to swipe the screen to arrange at least 3 animal icons horizontal or vertical to clear the blocks and extend the territory. Special blocks such as bees or petals can appear when you create 4 or more blocks, which are important in your strategy to win. In this game, there are rocket launchers and unique cards on the faces of the animals have the ability to destroy the big block.

Many attractive modes

Zoo Zoo Arena gameplay 2

In addition to the funny icon of animals, the highlight of the game compare to Candy Crush Saga is the game mode. In Zoo Zoo Arena you can play with other players or your friends. So do not just destroy more block and get the high score to past the levels you need to do more to win other players.

You will start with a small land on the board of the game along with your opponent. Each player can expand the land by combining at least 3 blocks with the same animals and connected to their land. I advise you in the battle, you need to often complete the four blocks of the enemy territory. Although you don’t remove the blocks but you have one turn next and take away the chance from your opponent. Also, you should add a special piece in your territory, these decisions you need to think carefully because each player has a certain period of time in each turn.

Zoo Zoo Arena gameplay

Besides, during the game, you can collect cards to create your own cards from jewel boxes or from the store to have better compete with other players. Depending on the titles in each match, you will fight the players of each respective arena.

Impressive design

Zoo Zoo Arena graphics

Cute animal icons with interesting sounds are what you see when you experience Zoo Zoo Arena. The game is bright and harmonious, suitable for many ages, especially with young children.


The topic of the war between the animals in the forest is quite new with a Match-3 puzzle game. If you are looking for a new Match-3 experience, I think Zoo Zoo Arena is definitely worth to play. This game can be a great choice for you to play with your child at the weekend and teach them a lot of lessons about animals in the wild.

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